Financial engineering

Financial engineering

A service offering expertise to accompany you in the tailor-made management of your financial risks.

Personalised analysis
Tailor-made advice
Implementation of innovative solutions
Local and accessible contact person

Financial engineering is a multidisciplinary approach aimed at finding solutions to complex financial issues by applying new legal, financial and tax techniques or by developing specific financial instruments.


BCGE Corporate Advisory offers you analytical and operational expertise in corporate and market finance to help you make strategic decisions in the areas of debt management, exchange rate risk and cash flow optimisation.


With the help of our experts, you can carry out an initial analysis of your financial obligations and an assessment of the impact of different scenarios, which is necessary to identify and quantify potential risks. In this way, our experts can propose different strategies based on your specifications and develop specific solutions that make the best use of the given economic opportunities, taking into account your objectives.


Whether it is a question of traditional transactions or investment projects, refinancing or a restructuring of the loan portfolio requiring a high level of expertise, BCGE's Corporate Advisory professionals are happy to put their knowledge and skills, based on a proven entrepreneurial culture, at the disposal of private companies and public institutions.


Skillful financial risk management to build business resilience

Debt management, derivative transactions and other more complex financial issues: being accompanied by a financial engineering specialist enables you ...

Skillful financial risk management to build business resilience
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