Leasing of capital goods

Leasing of capital goods

Capital goods leasing is a leasing contract reserved for the self-employed and companies. It enables clients to use the capital goods needed for their business operation without any capital outlay.

A decision is given within 24 hours of receipt of the documents required
No deposit (guarantee) required 
A leasing facility is available from CHF 5,000
Monthly instalment amounts are tax-deductible and the VAT is recoverable

The essentials

The leasing contract for capital goods

Capital goods' leasing is similar to a lease agreement. It provides for a monthly payment (similar to rent) which is subject to VAT. The amount is based on the price of the equipment to be financed, the residual value and the duration of the contract.

The various types of equipment which can be financed by this leasing contract

  • Heavy utility vehicles
  • Production machines
  • Printing machines
  • Civil engineering, extraction and agricultural machinery
  • Hoists,cranes
  • Plants
  • Garage equipment, car-washes
  • IT and telecom systems
  • Medical and laboratory equipment

Further information

The annual percentage rate of charge

Depends on the type of asset acquired, the term of the contract, the amount financed, and the company's financial standing.


Between 6 and 84 months 
Other period: on request

Advance payment

Possibility of financing an advance payment as requested by suppliers.


Commercial insurance (liability, fire, water damage, theft) or fully comprehensive insurance if the asset acquired is registered.

Capital goods leasing: a strategic asset for supporting business dynamics

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