Netbanking is the internet solution for making your payments and consulting your accounts/custody accounts from anywhere in the world, 24/24, 7/7.

The platform is always available, free of charge and easy to use for your online payments
Access to the online trading 1816
Optimum security for your connection and your transactions
Numerous functionalities to facilitate your operations

The essentials

All your banking transactions in a few clicks

With the Netbanking solution, you will have no problem in conducting your banking transactions easily and cheaply (payments, consultation, buying and selling securities, etc.). It is very simple to use and rates are very reasonable. With BCGE Mobile Netbanking, you carry out your transactions from your smartphone. Available on.
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Further information

Pay invoices easily by Netbanking with "Easy QR”

A system that suits businesses

The online Netbanking solution lives up to the expectations of private clients as well as responding to the needs of businesses.

Numerous functionalities

The payment models enable you to copy over some of your payment data (amount, IBAN references, date, etc.) and avoid you having to re-enter the entire payment data. 
With standing orders, you further simplify the processing of your regular payments, such as rent, insurance, etc. 
The secure e-mail system is a communication channel which guarantees the confidentiality of the messages exchanged. You are notified when new messages, e-documents or e-invoices are sent to your inbox. 
The e-invoice is an alternative way of consulting and processing the invoices of companies which have adopted the PayNet solution without having to re-enter information. You receive your invoices on Netbanking and pay them in a few clicks. 

Easy and considerably cheaper

Subscription and connection to Netbanking online banking are free of charge. 
All payment orders in CHF within Switzerland are free. Your payment orders in foreign currency or those being sent abroad enjoy preferential conditions, especially operations in EUR within the Eurozone with the SEPA system (Single Euro Payment Area). 
Your notifications and statements are delivered to your inbox electronically, rapidly and free of charge.

Access to the online trading platform 1816

For informed investors, Netbanking online banking provides you with access to 1816. On the same platform, you conduct your securities' buying and selling in a few clicks, and monitor your portfolio's performance. With Yourmoney, you receive all the essential financial information. 

Comply with the security guidelines

Using internet and online banking facilities remains safe as long as a number of elementary security rules are respected. To use Netbanking, just like any other internet platform, these have to be complied with in order to guarantee the security of your transactions.
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