BCGE Mobile Netbanking app

BCGE Mobile Netbanking app

With the BCGE Mobile Netbanking app installed on your smartphone, you stay connected to your bank and complete your online transactions easily and securely.

Access and view your BCGE accounts and deposits in real time
Pay your invoices in seconds with the integrated scanner for payment slips (BVR) and QR-bills.
Contact the online bank with a single click! By message or by phone
Only identified payments can be made

The essentials


The BCGE Mobile Netbanking app is compatible with the following mobile devices :
Apple : IOS 11 (or higher)
Android : Android 5 (or higher) - Samsung, Huawei, etc.

  • Access to BCGE Netbanking*
  • A smartphone or tablet with an Internet connection.
*Note for our corporate clients: please contact BCGE to activate the "BCGE Mobile Netbanking" menu in the BCGE Netbanking settings. This option is not active by default

You must activate the BCGE Mobile Netbanking app before you can use it.
Note: you can configure the BCGE Mobile Netbanking app to only view your accounts or to also make payments from the app.


Activate your BCGE Mobile Netbanking application in a few clicks

To activate your application you need to have a computer and a smartphone and follow the steps outlined below :

Download the activation guide in PDF

View your accounts and track your transactions in real time:

• Check your account balances
• Track your account activity with details of each transaction

  • Make all your payments easily and at a lower cost :

  • Enter your payments in Switzerland (only to known recipients for greater security)
  • Pay your invoices in seconds with the integrated scanner for payment slips (BVR) and QR-bills.
  • Make account-to-account transfers
  • Receive and pay your invoices in a few clicks on your app with e-bill.
  • Sign/confirm a payment from your mobile app (joint signature payments)
  • Modify or delete your pending payments independently
  • Manage your standing orders: create, modify, delete a standing order

The BCGE Mobile Netbanking app lets you trade your securities directly online on various stock exchanges.

On the same platform, you complete your securities buying and selling in a few clicks and track your portfolio's performance.
  • Take advantage of an attractive rate on purchases and sales of financial products
  • Manage your stock market transactions independently
  • Access major stock exchanges around the world
  • Execute your buy and sell orders on your preferred securities quickly
  • Access financial information available continuously on

Use the BCGE Mobile Netbanking app to quickly find practical information, such as locations of our cash dispensers or BCGE branches, emergency numbers, etc.

Get practical information about your bank from the "Useful information" menu:

  • Find the nearest BCGE branches or cash dispensers using an interactive card
  • Contact your online bank by phone with a single click!
  • Quickly access emergency numbers

Pay invoices easily by Mobile Netbanking with "Scan QR”


You can download the BCGE Mobile Netbanking app for your smartphone or tablet free of charge from Google Play, App Storelay and App Store.

The password for the app can only be set in Netbanking, under Settings => Mobile Netbanking => Step 1: Activation. The password for the BCGE Mobile Netbanking app should not be similar to your current Netbanking password.


You cannot activate the app directly from BCGE Mobile Netbanking as you need to generate and scan a QR activation code which is only available in your Netbanking (for each smartphone or tablet added) under Settings => Mobile Netbanking => Step 3: Authorised devices.


It is only possible to pre-register a payment for a new beneficiary from the BCGE Mobile Netbanking app. To do this, click on the "New recipient" button in the "Payments" menu => "New payment order". To be released, the payment must then be validated with CrontoSign Swiss in your payments to be signed under Netbanking.


In the Payments menu, click on Scan QR/BVR, follow the instructions on your phone screen and then confirm and validate the payment manually.


If you don't remember your password, you can reset it by logging into your Netbanking, under Settings => Mobile Netbanking => Step 1 "Mobile Netbanking password".


If your access to BCGE Mobile Netbanking is blocked, call your Online Banking on 058 211 21 12 from Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 7.30pm, Saturday from 9am to 4pm and Sunday from 9am to 1pm.


To change the application password, log in to your Netbanking and go to Settings => Mobile Netbanking => Step 1: Mobile Netbanking password


You can display all the accounts available in your BCGE Netbanking or select one for payment.


Download the BCGE Mobile Netbanking app onto your new phone and then log in to your Netbanking to add it as a new authorised device. Under Netbanking, go to Settings => Mobile Netbanking => Step 3: Authorised devices, click on Add device and then follow the instructions on the screen.


If you do not have enough light to scan your payment slip/QR-bill, simply activate the flashlight on your smartphone to make it easier to read the code line/QR code


If your smartphone is lost or stolen, you can delete the device in question from your Netbanking:
Go to the Settings menu => Mobile Netbanking => Step 3: Authorised devices, click on "Delete" on the right, on the line corresponding to the phone in question and confirm the deletion.


You can input foreign bank payments with the latest version of the Mobile Netbanking application.

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