Standing orders

Standing orders

Standing orders enable you to make regular automatic payments at pre-determined dates and for set amounts to the same payee.

A significant time-saving in managing all your regular payments (rent, insurance, leasing, etc)
Processing is simple and within the deadlines set - advantages all round
Standing orders can be manual or initiated via BCGE Netbanking
Payments can be made in the currency and at the frequency of your choice

The essentials

Making regular payments

To pay your rent, insurance bills, leasing etc, set up a standing order and it will simplify the payment of your regular commitments enormously. 
A standing order enables you to pay invoices for set amounts, to the same beneficiary on a regular basis, which you will have pre-determined. 
You can set up manual standing orders using a form available in our branches or more simply via BCGE Netbanking.

An efficient, cost-free solution

So you no longer have to deal with your payments. They are processed on the dates that you have defined. 
Standing orders in Switzerland and in CHF are debited to your private account, free of charge. 

Information on the transactions

You see the detail of the standing orders paid on your monthly account statement. 
You are notified of all transactions made from a savings account.

Further information


  • Standing orders can be entered directly on BCGE Netbanking
  • For manual orders, the appropriate form is available in our branches
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