A secure and fast way to issue and pay invoices

Reduced risk of error thanks to the QR code
More information can be exchanged between the issuer and the recipient
Detailed information on statements and notices
Harmonisation of the payment slip format

Access an automated, fast and secure way to issue and pay invoices

The QR-bill is used to both generate and pay invoices. It contains a Swiss QR-code (Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional barcode) which contains all the important information relating to its payment.

The QR invoice comes in three forms, which can be used depending on the needs of the issuer, the software used and the reconciliation method chosen. The issuer can generate the following bills:

  • With QR-IBAN and QR-reference
    old orange payment slip with reference number (BVR)
  • With IBAN without reference number
    old red payment slip (BV)
  • With IBAN and SCOR reference
    new European standard

Electronic processing of invoices

A number of steps must be taken in order to issue QR-bills.

For more information, we can provide you with a product sheet to download.

Paper processing

If you attach a blank or pre-completed payment slip to your invoices, you can order pre-completed QR payment slips via BCGE Netbanking.
  • Access to BCGE Netbanking
  • Have an adapted tool or an updated application at your disposal


Additional requirement for processing statements and notices:

  • Access to BCGE Business link

You can continue to use your usual payment method to pay your QR-bills:

  • BCGE Netbanking*
  • BCGE Mobile Netbanking*
  • Payment software
  • Quick order*

*No steps to be taken

Steps to be taken

If you scan the payment slips

  • Obtain a reader capable of reading and interpreting the data in the QR-bill (ask your supplier for details)

If you use an accounting or payment software

  • Save all account numbers in IBAN1 format in your software
  • Check with your software supplier to make sure that the processing of the QR-bill is integrated into your software

1 The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an internationally standardised account number format. It facilitates the input, transmission and processing of payment data.

BCGE is there to help you

Business e-Solutions centre

The QR-bill brings concrete benefits to your company, enabling you to lay the foundations for simpler and more efficient payment transactions.

“These developments are an opportunity for your company to optimise its payment processes”.

Experts at our Business e-Solutions centre will help you in analysing your current position, offer a diagnosis of your payment processes and assist you through the switchover. They will also be able to guide you towards the right tools and solutions for your business.


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