Forward investments

Fiduciary investments

Opt for a fiduciary investment to deposit your cash on a short-term basis with a bank abroad.

Conditions defined by the money market, with higher remuneration than a current account
A monetary investment not subject to withholding tax for clients who are Swiss residents
A fixed rate for more clarity

The essentials

How it operates

A fiduciary investment is a deposit placed with a bank abroad in the name of the BCGE, on behalf of the client who bears the risk.

A fixed-term investment to suit your requirements

Based on money market conditions, you choose to invest for a period ranging from one week to 12 months or as a call deposit (48 hours’ notice).
Fiduciary investments can be made in all convertible currencies.

Further information


Any convertible currency


One week to 12 months

Minimum investment

  • On 48-hour call: CHF 300,000 and above, or currency equivalent
  • Fixed term: CHF 100,000 and above, or currency equivalent

Fees and conditions

  • Investment subject to commissions and fees; more details available from your adviser
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